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The digital arts, distinctive from the traditional ways of artistic presentations, are the combinatorial application of artistic creations and contemporary media technologies. It is conceivable that due to rapid development of novel media tools and new generations of technology, digital art forms will certainly continue to evolve in variable creations and multifaceted directions. We can expect more unprecedented, multi-dimensional digital art forms to emerge.
Artistic creation is the cultural foundation of a civilization and a nation. It is also the essential driving force for future development. In the case of digital arts, which have been progressing in western countries for the past decade, it is now a consensus that due to the pioneering visions of digital artists various domains of art have benefited from the creativity and transformation. In Taiwan, the infrastructures for nourishing artistic creation (particularly digital art creation) is still very limited and far behind other communities.
The purpose for this website is to create an interface for the digital artists, as well as for the up-stream and down-stream participants of digital arts, to be able to freely exchange ideas and communicate new entities. We want to establish an elegant show room to allow open demonstration of local artistic innovations. The ultimate goal is to fully capitalize this website's potential to facilitate cultural renaissance in Taiwan, and be the power house base for digital arts globally.

About Digital Arts

Digital arts have been progressing in all advanced countries during the past decade. The art forms employ current media technologies to create and present the artistic products. The evolution of digital arts is closely associated with contemporary audio-video tools and applications. Therefore, digital arts have been referred to as "new media art", "tech art" or "electronic art" depending on the tools of creation.
In the Whitney Artport 2003 (Whitney Museum, NY) on the "CODE -- The Language of our Time" exhibition, we could see that creation of digital arts had extended to employing languages, symbols, and philosophical concepts to a very profound level. Conceivably, the scope of digital arts will be meticulously linked to all aspects of advancement in technology, as well as the consequence of the technology development.