Members privacy

Welcome to Taiwan Digital Art and Information Center (to be known as "the platform" in short). To protect our members' privacy, please read the following notices before uploading your contributions.

1) Uploading Notice

1) Please fill in your personal information and email address during registration. Your personal information will be carefully managed and protected by the platform. The platform will assume no liability or legal responsibilities should losses or legal repercussions be caused by members' personal negligence or gross misconduct. If you discover that your account information or password is being misappropriated, please get in touch with us immediately and we will help you resolve this issue immediately.
2) Protecting your privacy is our top priority. Thus, to ensure your privacy and the safety of the platform, when you enter your personal information, the system will automatically verify part of your personal information for accuracy. To help you manage your contributions and articles, please do not duplicate your membership registration. If an applicant has been found to provide false information, the platform reserves the rights to refuse membership registration for the purpose of protecting website security and members' privacy. Should the need arises, the platform will transfer suspicious information to a 3rd-party verification body to ensure website security and reserves the rights to prosecution.
3) Please update your personal information anytime so that we can get in touch and offer you services without delay. The platform reserves the rights to cancel your membership or stop offering you services if you have been discovered to provide false personal information.
4) To protect your privacy, the platform will not reveal or leak your personal data to unauthorized personnel. According to the Republic of China's Personal Information Protection Act, the platform will not sell, rent or share your personal data to any 3rd-party, unauthorized personnel. You agree for the platform to use your personal information for all legal purposes within legal limits. You also agree for the platform to use your personal information for all promotion activities within legal limits, and to ensure the safety of our members or the public when there are unforeseen, emergency circumstances. You also agree for the platform to use your personal information to contact you about other services.
5) It is an open platform for the public to view published contributions and articles.
6) Every contribution is limited to a maximum of 10 files. Every file and related document must be approved by the platform prior to uploading.
7) You have agreed and guaranteed that after becoming a platform member, you will not publish or upload any text or photographs which are defamatory, threatening, attacking, false, illegal, indecent, obscene, pornographic or infringes upon the intellectual property rights of other members. All legal responsibilities are to be borne by the member. This platform reserves the rights to remove inappropriate content from the platform. You also agree not to damage or disrupt any function or site of the platform. Legal actions will be taken against members who deliberately, illegally hack into or damage the platform and website.
8) The platform is not liable for any compensation should any contributions be damaged or destroyed during a disaster or hazard that occurs not within the control of the platform.
9) Due to policy changes, we may stop or change thumbnail upload methods.
10) The platform reserves the rights to amend any usage terms due to the dynamic progress of Internet and related legal regulations. Should the platform make any term amendments, all members will be notified via email. After you receive the notification email and we did not receive any response from you, we will automatically assume that you have accepted the amended terms. We welcome you to visit our website regularly to be kept up to date on our usage terms.

2) Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights Waiver

You have agreed to waive all intellectual property rights and copyrights of your contributions to the platform. You have also agreed to comply and participate in any promotional activities organized by Taiwan Digital Art and Information Center related to your works.